Register for Passover Seder Second Night (Manhattan)

Tuesday Apr 11, 6:30pm to 10:00pm | Click here for details »

We suggest two alternative prices. The higher price, $75, covers the true cost of running these seders–which includes venue rental, the seder meal, the wine, the haggadah, waitstaff, and so on. The second is a discounted price, $48, for those who cannot pay the full price. This year we are asking for a voluntary $5 add-on per person to cover increased vendor prices. We are deliberately making it voluntary so that people who cannot afford to add $5 do not have to feel excluded from the seder.

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Seder costs have increased this year but Ohel Ayalah is keeping its seder fees the same as last year. If you are able to afford an additional $5 (per person), this is where you can do so.

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